Friday, December 18, 2009

EcoProducts - Heat Logs

Winter here and burning of logs for fireplace is really common and I have been looking around to see if there are any eco friendly way of keeping warm yet being friendly to Mother Earth. I came across this EcoProduct- Heat Logs. In fact, this Ecoproduct, is really interesting and yet retains the traditional fire wood burning custom during winter.

These eco friendly Heat Logs are a clean, convenient and natural alternative to traditional fire wood. In fact the eco friendly heat logs is also ideal for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. The heat logs can even be used in open fires as well as in garden chimineas, providing heating that is environmentally friendly.

This ecoproduct is made from pure shavings from sawmills, using 100% virgin timber from sustainably managed plantation forestry. There are no additives being used to make these ecoproduct-Heat Logs. In fact, it is the natural lignin of the wood that acts as a binder for these heat logs.

These eco friendly heat logs can produce more than double the heat output of normal firewood logs. In fact using this eco product, you can get up to 1.5 hours steady burn time from one Heat Log used in a stove.

Using this eco product does give us alot of benefits. This is because these eco friendly heat logs are convenient to handle and store as they are packed in a way that they take up less than half a space of normal logs.

The heat logs are also very heat efficient, in fact it can produce up to 2-3 times of heat output. These heat logs have less than 10% moisture and they are clean and very convenient to handle. In fact, the way the heat logs are packed and as long as it is kept dry, they can actually last indefinitely so there is no worries of overstocking on these eco friendly heat logs.

The best part that I really like about the heat logs and find that they are very eco friendly is that the ash produced from after burning the heat logs, these ash can be used as fertilizer for your garden. Isn't this a good eco product, imagine after buring your logs, you can still use the ash as fertilizers and in fact the heat logs produce very low levels of ash which another point that I can add to its benefits is that it also let us have a very clean way of burning our logs.

To light these eco friendly heat logs is very easy. In fact, it is the same as how you light your traditional firewood using lighting fluid, paper or similar. This EcoProduct-Heat Logs is really an eco friendly product which can not only prevent more trees from being chopped down for firewood yet, these heat logs after burning are being recycled to be used as fertilizers to continue and help us grow more greenery and play our part to be environmentally friendly. Kudos to the person behind this wonderful innovative EcoProduct.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

EcoProducts - An example of EcoProduct

I found this really interesting video clip featuring 2 very interesting EcoProducts!In an exhibition in Japan, there have been showcase of some very innovative EcoPoducts that you can use around the home. They are not only easy to use, they might even help you save some money, too.

One of the EcoProducts from this particular EcoProducts exhibition is the Eco Newspaper Brick Maker. This all-metal case is simply amazing. It can help you use the old newspapers that we often do not know what to do with them to make solid papier-mâché-like bricks that can be used as firewood. This eco device uses only water and recycled newspaper, and can make a cheap substitute to firewood. The amazing thing is that it is simply easy to use and this firewood substitue is also easy to store! Basically, all you need to do is to soak the newspaper in water to make pulp. Put the pulp in the eco newspaper brick maker, compress it tightly, then take out the brick. Just dry the compressed newspaper brick, it is usually dried in about 7-10 days and there you go, you have your newspaper fuel brick. I have below a video showing how this Eco Newspaper Brick Maker actually works!

Another highlight in this EcoProduct exhibition is the water saving toilet flapper. Older toilet flappers only close after all the water is flushed however this innovative flapper releases air bubbles which actually also allows water to flow into the bowl faster. After the air is released, the flapper closes immediately. This eco-flapper in fact helps to save alot of water during every flush. These two EcoProducts are indeed very eco friendly, practical and so easy to use. Everyone and anyone can use it so easily and play a part to be eco friendly!!      

Monday, November 9, 2009

EcoProducts - Bamboo roll up blinds

Continuing from my previous post about bamboo, this post will talk about one form of the bamboo products: bamboo roll up blinds. I give a brief introduction to what is this product and what kind of benefits it can bring to you.

Bamboo roll up blinds are a form of blinds that can be easily folded up. They are made of durable bamboo that can provide more lonegivity to the the blinds, relative to other materials.

The greatest advantage of these blinds is their portability. As they can be set up and packed away fairly easily, you can take these blinds to either your camping, bbq or even beach trips. They can provide excellent shelter when the heat from the sun is too much to bear. They can also create more privacy by shielding you from the straying eyes when you don't want the attention.

These bamboo blinds have natural resistant to dirt and bacteria. This means that you can easily clean them by using a brush or a vaccum cleaner. For serious stain, they can be easily removed via a mild stain remover and a damp cloth. Compared to cotton blinds, these are a breeze when it comes to maintenance.

In terms of cost, they are not expensive. Prices typically range from $50-$150 depending on the quality of the bamboo and the type of design. For colored bamboo blinds that comes in either white or black, they typically cost more because of the additional coloring process. Also, bamboo types such as iron bamboo cost more as they are much more durable than normal bamboo.

I hope you enjoyed this post on bamboo roll up blinds.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

EcoProducts - Solar Powered Portable Speaker

Other than solar chargers for iphones, being a great fan of my iPhone, I found this really cool audio system that you can use your iphone or ipod or any othe MP3 Player! Yes, this ecoproduct is a Solar Powered Portable Speaker. I have been really amazed with my iPhone and have never stop exploring the different functions and applications. This is in fact a perfect solar iphone gadget for those of us who wants to enjoy our music while out in the sun. Just 6 hours to fully charge this iphone solar sportable speaker, you’ll get up to 8 hours of music enjoyment from them.

You can simply just connect these acoustically designed solar powered speakers to your iPhone, iPod or music phones, for excellent sound quality, powered by renewable solar energy. It is really ideal where we can just bring this iphone solar portable speaker along for playing music in the park, at picnics, barbeques, in the garden or at the beach and most importantly the music still sounds fastantic!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

EcoProducts - Bamboo

There had been increasingly lots of focus on this particular natural resource. There are more and more ecoproducts being made using bamboo and the most amazing thing is that the quality is not compromised. Using bamboo to make eco products is not only environmentally friendly, we are actually utilising nature's most sustainable resource.

Bamboo is actually not a wood but a grass, which continuously sends up new shoots after harvesting without the need for replanting. In fact, believe it or not bamboo actually holds the world record as the fastest growing plant, and can be harvested every 4-5 years! Something that is special about bamboo is that it not only removes CO2 from the atmosphere, it actually produces over 30% more oxygen than trees. Therefore, by growing and using bamboo to manufacture eco products, we are actually helping to combat global warming.

Bamboo is organic as it is grown without pesticides, fertilizers or chemicals and it's 100% biodegradable. Therefore, to summarise why bamboo is a good choice of resource to produce eco products, I have briefly listed some points below;

Bamboo made cloths are so soft that when you feel it, you will notice the difference from your usual cotton or even cashmere.

Bamboo made bed sheets are not susceptible to bed bugs and mites. Bamboo also naturally resists odor keeping you fresh. Bamboo is indeed a very eco friendly resource where we will be seeing more and more eco products being made by using this resource!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

EcoProducts - Flexible Love Chair

Check out this really cool eco product which is a Flexible Love Chair. This is eco friendly furniture which is made from recycled cardboard and post industrial wood waste. The uniqueness about this chair is due to the honeycomb construction of the recycled materials that allowed each piece to be stretched to various lengths and shapes.

This is really a very innovative invention. It is not only eco friendly, this eco product is also a piece of furniture that many of us will find useful when you have limited space or when you want that extra convenience for to create more seatings for your guests. I have a video below where you can have a better idea why this flexible love chair is so amazing yet eco friendly!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

EcoProducts- Eco Mud-Powered Clock!

We have seen all kinds of Eco Clocks and eco clocks are becoming one of the popular eco productsbecause it is something that every household must have and which most people will use. I was surfing the net and found this really interesting eco clock which is powered by SOIL! Yes soil! This Eco Mud-Powered Clock is designed by by Francesco Castiglione Morelli and Tommaso Ceschi, the Timeless Garden uses the chemical reaction between metal and mud to generate enough electricity to power a clock!

You can even plant what you like in the clock other grass. This not only remove the need for electricity, but the oxygen-generating benefits of a plant also add on a part to being environmentally friendly. In fact, this eco clock is also made from recycled plastic. This eco product is really very innovative, useful and provides you with your very own green table garden. Cool isn't it!

Monday, September 21, 2009

EcoProducts - Ecozone Toilet Smell Killer

A very useful and environmentally eco-friendly, chemical free odour eliminator for toilets. I chanced upon this cleaning help that is very environmentally friendly and guess what you do not even need to worry about refills or replacements.

This toilet cleaning aid is the Ecozone Toilet Smellkiller which has been tested to remove odours from your toilet and it can also help you save money because this eco cleaning aid can last you a lifetime. It is an eco product which is made without the use of any chemical fragrances.

Without this innovative eco cleaning aid, you no longer need to constantly buy toilet cleaners or deodorizers. There are no chemicals are used and refills are not required. This toilet eco cleaning aid neutralizes odours as soon as it comes into contact with air and water, leaving the air fresh and clean again. An amazing ecoproduct that is not only eco friendly but help reduces your household cleaning expenses as well!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

EcoProducts- Universal Hybrid Charger

This is a really useful Ecoproduct that is also very portable. A universal hybrid charger that is powerful enough to power all of your handheld electronic devices anywhere under the sun. This eco product can be used to charge most hand held devices for example mobile phones like your iphones, iPod's, digital cameras and more.

This hybrid charger collects energy from the sun and can hold the power in its internal rechargeable battery for up to a year. It is also very portable so you will not need to pack multiple chargers when travelling around.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Eco Product- Kinetic Digital Camera

I found this really interesting Eco Product which is a hand turnable generation of electricity digital camera. This digital still camera “Spin N'Snap” is an eco product which uses the finger of the both hands on two holes of the substance and the action of push and pull generates electricity to the camera. When photographing the hole becomes the finder and this camera is like your any other camera where you can press the snap button and take your picture. A really very interesting innovation indeed!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

EcoProducts - Iphone Solar Charger

Iphone since launch had been very popular around the world. However, we know that the battery life tend to be short especially when a user constantly uses it for surfing etc. Innovators have invented an eco product, the Iphone Solar Charger for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The solar charger comes with solar panels and there are some that also comes with an LED indicator and are designd in a way that the design screen is still accessible.

You can now use your iphone and not worry about having to charge your iphone especially when you are constantly on the go. With this Eco Product, it is so easy to use. This eco product lets you charge your iphone and have it powered up directly from the sun while carrying your iPhone. The iphone solar charger has a design that is sleek, smartly designed and convenient. The innovative industry is now not only about trying to be ahead of the latest technology products in the market, creating eco products are slowly becoming a very prominent part of our lives.

Monday, September 7, 2009

EcoProducts - Telephone Wire Bowl

These amazing ecoproducts are bowls made from telephone wires. These ecoproducts are really fashioned out of the waste that outdated technology creates. These eco telephone wire bowls are from Vietnam which started off from unsightly garbage on the side of the road in Vietnam into these beautiful, hand-woven pieces. These telephone wired bowls are fairly traded out of Vietnam as well imported through the SPIRAL Foundation which has operations in Vietnam and Nepal, and is inspired by the principle of "aid from within the country." Vietnamese and Nepalese are employed with fair wages based on an hourly rate. The proceeds that are generated by producing these ecoproducts go back into the community to finance humanitarian aid projects that include primary health care, medical, and educational projects.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

EcoProducts- Eco Dog Bed

EcoProducts are also available for our pets at home. For example, dog lovers will be happy to know that your best friend can also do its part to be eco friendly. There are now many different eco friendly dog products but I feel that an Eco Dog Bed is rather interesting. Especially if this Eco Dog Bed is able to provide dog owners the convenient yet at the same time comfortable as well.

We all know that our dogs can easily dirty their beds and most of time, its hard to wash and usually owners have to discard them and replace with new beds.
Yes, there is this interesting eco dog bed called Big Shrimpy Dog Nest Bed. This eco dog bed comes with an outer layer which is made of soft polyester fleece or faux suede and has a removable center pillow.

In fact this eco dog bed can be unzipped and you can find that the inner bolster and cushion are filled with SmartFill™, which is 100% recycled fiber. The inner bolster and cushion are both odor- and water-resistant, in fact it can even be unzipped, removed and you can even wash the SmartFill. The outer covers and inner bolster/cushion are washable as well.

This makes the eco dog bed not only very convenient to use, it can actually extend the life of the bed as well. Therefore, this allows the pet owner to simply replace the outer covers when needed instead of discarding the entire bed.

Big Shrimpy Nest Bed

EcoProducts- Eco Friendly Cleaning Products - Citra-Solv

EcoProducts for cleaning can be in many forms. I wrote 2 articles about eco friendly cleaning and gotten an advice from someone who gave me a really good tip that there is another eco friendly cleaning product that is also very good and convenient to use.

Citra-Solv is an eco friendly cleaning product that cleans wood, linoleum, tile, formica, washable fabrics, upholstery, carpets, patio furniture and most surfaces around your home.

Citra-Solv is nearly 100% product. It also has a refreshing orange scent. In fact, the quality of this eco friendly product has even won the Edison Award for Environmental Achievement.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

EcoProducts- EcoStapler

This is a very clever innovative little gadget. This is an ecoproduct which is a stapler that uses a patented locking device that requires no staples. This stapler will staple 2-6 pages effectively and it is not only durable, it is also small and handy.

Why is this an ecoproduct? It is estimated that over 200 tonnes of staples are used in UK offices each year so being eco friendly, you can now take a step and explore this ecoproduct and start doing our part to be eco friendly.


Ecoproducts: Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo products are becoming increasing popular. This can be attributed to the fact that people are becoming more environmentally conscious and are starting to buy products that are good for the environment. Bamboo blinds are one such product category as they are made of natural bamboo and are easy to recycle. Bamboo have cooling effects and can weathered different climate conditions. That is what makes them good candidates for window blinds and shades.

In general, there are two types of bamboo blinds. One is the bamboo rollup blinds while the other is the bamboo roman blinds. Bamboo rollup blinds are quite common and can be found in many furniture stores. They are however quite blend although their price is cheap. Bamboo roman blinds, on the other hand, are more stylish and have been in vogue in recent years. Due to the way they are made, bamboo roman blinds tend to be more costly than rollup blinds. If you want to know more about bamboo blinds, you can visit If you want to know more about bamboo blinds

Saturday, August 15, 2009

EcoProducts- Eco Friendly Cleaning Products - Baking Soda

There are many types of EcoProducts and baking soda is one of the eco friendly cleaning products. Baking soda is an eco friendly household chemical replacement. In this article, I have shared a few useful tips in how baking soda can be used in your daily lives.

How can you use baking soda as an EcoProduct?
Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning in the Kitchen

- Placing a bowl or plate of baking soda in your fridge will help to remove excess moisture and absorb odors like using lemons and tea bags.

- Sprinkle some baking soda in veggies crisper and cover with a cloth or paper towel for crisper veggies and veggies that will last longer.

- Sprinkle baking soda onto a damp sponge and you can use it to clean your refrigerator and bench tops without worrying that you will leave any scratches on them.

- Dissolve a couple of tablespoons of baking soda into water in a microwave safe bowl, boil it in your microwave. Allow the baking soda mixture to cool for a minute or two, and you can use this to wipe out any baked on stains and your oven and microwave will smell fresher too.

- Sprinkling baking soda in the bottom of your rubbish bags will help to control odors as you add trash. Amazing isn’t it and a very eco friendly action.

- Use baking soda instead of detergent for your dishwasher and give your dishwasher a good clean by running it through a cycle.

- Baking soda can be used to extinguish the flames on stove fires. The carbon dioxide generated when the powder burns starves the fire of oxygen.

- By using 3 - 4 tablespoons of baking soda, you can add it to a pot filled with water and use this to wash chemicals and pesticides off fruits and vegetables.

Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning in the home

- Place a bowl of baking soda in places which you think that moisture is a problem, such as cupboards under sinks this can help you to help control humidity. All you have to do is to occasionally stir the powder for maximum effective effect.

- Apply baking soda/water paste on an old toothbrush and you can use it to lightly brush the areas of your walls that may have been vandalized with crayons etc..

- Water stains on wooden floors can be removed with a sponge dampened in a solution of baking soda dissolved in water.

- Sprinkle baking soda on rugs and carpets before vacuuming and this can be used as a deodorising treatment. In fact, take a look at the carpet powders sold in the stores most of them are instead baking soda based! However, this is not recommended for areas that are very humid as the baking soda may stay on in the carpet.

- For your mops that you find that are stinking out in areas where they are stored. Don't throw your mop away but instead try soaking your mop in a mixture of 4 tablespoons baking soda and a gallon of water for a while.

- Cleaning stains on porcelain sinks, toilets and plastics through an eco friendly method? You can actually try removing the stains by applying a layer of baking soda and then using a damp sponge. This will work well on a water stain in a sink which is usually tough to clean unless using heavy duty chemicals and these products may scratch the surface.

Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning in the Garden

- Do you know that baking soda can actually help to deter ants? You can pour a solid line of baking soda in the ants’ areas of activity and they won't cross it.

- When you find back spot fungus on your pots of roses, many of us will likely not know what to do or look for some “medications” from shops selling garden products. You can actually mix a tablespoon of baking soda, a teaspoon of (earth friendly) dish detergent and a gallon of water to make a spray to treat roses.

Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning in the Laundry

- You can apply baking soda and make it into water paste onto stains in your laundry prior to washing and baking soda can help to remove the stains from the fabrics.

- Try to be eco friendly in your regular washing by adding half a cup of baking soda to a full load of washing and this will help brighten your wash and remove odors.

Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning in the Pets

- You can use baking soda for your pets as well by lightly sprinkled some baking soda and mix it into cat litter to help control odor.

- You can use baking soda to eliminate odor after you've cleaned up pet accidents by sprinkling over the dampened area with baking soda.

Baking Soda- Eco Friendly Cleaning- Miscellaneous

- Baking soda can be used to clean jewelry, you can make a paste by using 3 parts baking soda to 1 part water, apply the mixture to the jewellery, allow to sit for a couple of minutes, rinse off and then polish your jewellery with a soft cloth.

With so many uses that baking soda can do in our daily lives, you'll likely use a lot and buying baking soda in small boxes probably won't be too economical. You can even save money on baking soda by re-using them. This is not only being eco friendly, I will also agree that baking soda is a form of EcoProduct that every other household have. Many a times, we do not know what to do with expired baking soda as well so with this article, I hope that you now can do your part where and EcoProduct can be one of your good eco friendly cleaning agent!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EcoProducts- Desktop Hydroponics

We are know that growing your own herbs not only is economical, it is also an environmentally friendly gesture. A cook will always tell you, fresh herbs is important to any dish that you are making. However, not everyone of us is able to have a herb garden in our house. I discovered this really cool EcoProduct, DESKTOP HYDROPONICS!

This Mini Herb Garden is a tiny hydroponic reactor and it is capable of sprouting fresh herbs and veggies from seed and growing them using the included spongy soilless medium and nutrient mixture. You can now grow basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, chives, mint, oregano, thyme... you can even try flowers, or start vegetables! Amazing isn't it and this is truly a very interesting EcoProduct that is useful and eco friendly.

EcoProducts - Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

EcoProducts are not just about innovative products, it can be ideas as well that are eco friendly at the same time contribute to the environment. I did some research and decided to start a series of articles related to eco friendly cleaning products.

One advice, though eco friendly cleaning products are a good alternative to chemical cleaning products from stores, these organic cleaning agents may not work as quickly as the chemical products. Using eco friendly cleaning products may involve letting it soak longer etc. However, looking at the long term benefits, it is worth the extra efforts to use these EcoProducts. Of course for those of us who are busy working, there is also a wide selection of on the shelf Eco Friendly Cleaning Products that all of us can use and yet be environmentally responsible.

There are lots of our daily items that we see in our houses that can be very effective eco friendly cleaning products. For example items like vinegar, baking soda, and lemons have natural cleaning powers. In fact, these are easy and safe to use which are great cleaning agents and cost less.

Some interesting but very basic recipes on how you can make eco friendly cleaning products.

Baking soda
By adding around four tablespoons of baking soda to a quart of water, you can use this mixture as scrubbing cleaning agent. By adding lesser quantity of water, you can make a thick paste with the baking soda and let it sit on stubborn spots for deep cleaning.

Olive Oil
Polish for furniture can be organic too. You can combine three parts olive oil with one part vinegar or lemon juice. All you need to do is just use this mixture and wipe on with a soft cloth and your furniture will look polished.

Combining two tablespoons of cornstarch, a cup of white vinegar and a gallon of water will give you a good window cleaning agent. You can recycle your newspapers and use them to wash down the windows eliminating streaking.

White Vinegar
Just use a cup of white vinegar in a gallon of water, and you are all ready to clean your linoleum floors. For a more powerful cleaner, you can also add a quarter cup of baking soda.
Another use for this eco friendly cleaning product is to microwave a cup of white vinegar for a minute or two. This helps to loosen any cooked-on food and stubborn stains, helping to make the microwave easy to clean.

Common Salt which is a necessity in the kitchen is also one of the great eco friendly cleaning products. By sprinkling salt in an oven or the sink, it can help you deal with stains and spills. By adding on some baking soda and borax, the mixture is a great sink cleaner that won't scratch porcelain.

The above are just some examples of home made EcoProducts that anyone can just make by using the common things that can be found in our everyday lives. These useful and eco friendly cleaning products may become a common trend and used in our daily lives.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moon Jar

EcoProducts-Moon Jar

There are lots of solar lamps that I have seen but this is quite interesting and in fact blends well for people like me who like chic looking products that can stylishly blend in with my house decor.

The Moon Jar made with traditional Mason jar charges during the day and lights up at night. It is made with high tech energy efficient lighting where inside the jar is a highly efficient solar cell, rechargeable battery and low energy LED lamps.

How the Moon Jar works??

Thursday, July 30, 2009


EcoProducts cover a whole universe of things that we use, see or even eat in our daily lives. I was always very curious what does the term organic bodycare actually mean?I did some research and found that there are no fix standards for organic cosmetics or bodycare at the moment. This is the reason why certified organic products are a way to differentiate them.

Actually organic liquid soaps are ideal for sensitive skin as they are made from natural ingredients, organic oils and plant extracts. (not tested on animals and contain no animal ingredients). I was really drawn to the many awards that I saw from this Liquid Castile Soap from EcoHip.

Castile soap is a name used in English-speaking countries for soap made exclusively from vegetable oil. Ecosoapia from Ecohip has an organic vegan formulation and it’s great for sensitive skin. In fact, it has been awarded both the Chemical Consumer Award and Consumer Award from Allergy UK which is especially important for all those allergy sufferers. Not only is this an organic liquid soap, you can also further save our earth as 10% of all profits go to Iracambi to help conserve the Rainforest

Monday, July 27, 2009

Plantable ECO Calendar

I was searching for creative products and this really caught my attention immediately. A Plantable Eco Calendar for 2010! Every page of each month leaves behind a beauty, yes FLOWERS and the tin containing the claendar is reusable as well.

Each month is printed on seed-embedded pages made with 100% post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable into flowers.

What is more beautiful than keeping track of months and as each month passes by,you can simply plant the seeded paper page and enjoy the nature that will be growing. This beautiful treasure is found at the ECOHIP website.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

EcoProducts - Corn Cups

Plastics made from natural sustainable resources, CORN!. It is polished and has a sophisticated look. Most importantly it meets the ASTM D6400 compostable plastic standards. I was looking around for more information how corn can be turned to plastics and found an interesting graphical piece though more like a science lesson for I hope some of you may find it interesting.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grow Sunflowers with Ecoplates

This is one of the interesting ecoproducts that I discovered from Greenstamp. Something that all of us uses especially for parties, barbecues, and picnics or for just when we are plain lazy. Yes, "PLATES"!

Here the amazing part about these plates, once you have completed your meal, the host can dig a hole in the flowerbed and basically "dispose" or I should say place in a hole in a garden filled with earth, water it and the plates will biodegrade and sunflower seed in these plates will start to germinate and you may have lovely sunflowers in a years' time!
These plates are not only biodegradable, they are stylish, practically designed with thoughts for easy use and hold. "Check out the curves of the plate". It is designed to hold a wine glass and amazingly you can grow a garden of sunflowers with it! The amazing things that ecoproducts can provide for us isn't it!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

EcoProducts-Coffee Ground Printer

This RITI printer is an ecoproduct printer based on the concept of a new ink system. It was featured at the Greener Gadgets Design Competition in Feb this year.

The focus is on the ink cartridge since it is one of the problems when using a printer: it's often difficult to replace, costly to refill, and can stain your hands if mishandled.The RITI printer uses coffee or tea dregs.

How it works:

The user places the coffee or tea dregs into the ink case located on the top of the printer, then insert a piece of paper in the middle. Moving the ink case left and right will print your image, and as you draw on the paper, dregs inscript on the paper just like ink.Using coffee or tea dregs as ink saves the cost buying ink, the burden of wasted things, and users' work. Furthermore, since the user moves the ink case in order to make a print, the device doesn't need electricity.

Interesting isn't it and who knows with some improvement this may be one of the potential EcoProducts that we may see in the future.

Designed by: Jeon Hwan Ju

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock

This is an amazing, EcoProduct which is beautifully designed.
This handsome Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock works 100% on natural power. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity – no pollution, low cost. You don’t even need to wind it up!

Just fill the tank with natural water ... add a splash of natural lemon juice ... and you’re set for 6 to 8 weeks of accurate timekeeping before refreshing.

This amazing EcoProduct tells time by using salted water; the device’s electrodes harvest energy from the liquid to fuel the nightstand-friendly gizmo’s simple digital LCD.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Recycled School Uniforms

I read this news recently where school uniforms are being made from recycled bottles. This initiative has already been tested in a school in UK.

The initiative had started from Marks & Spencer and I am really impressed when I checked out their website as well. They really dedicate alot of efforts towards having a range of eco friendly products! Kudos to M&S, what more can we ask for then to start educating "Going Green" then with school children. We are all trying hard to preserve our environment for all our future.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eco Friendly Products

Going green had gotten lots of people to come up with ideas. Ideas had not been easy to be generated and we really should give kudos to those who have been so committed to keep our environment green for all our future generations. My website will keep everyone updated on various eco friendly products and news. Who knows one day some of us may find the products ideal or just what we may be looking for!