Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock

This is an amazing, EcoProduct which is beautifully designed.
This handsome Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock works 100% on natural power. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity – no pollution, low cost. You don’t even need to wind it up!

Just fill the tank with natural water ... add a splash of natural lemon juice ... and you’re set for 6 to 8 weeks of accurate timekeeping before refreshing.

This amazing EcoProduct tells time by using salted water; the device’s electrodes harvest energy from the liquid to fuel the nightstand-friendly gizmo’s simple digital LCD.


  1. Cool product! Where can i buy it?

  2. Unfortunately this is currently available only in UK. But I must agreed it is really a very interesting product.