Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grow Sunflowers with Ecoplates

This is one of the interesting ecoproducts that I discovered from Greenstamp. Something that all of us uses especially for parties, barbecues, and picnics or for just when we are plain lazy. Yes, "PLATES"!

Here the amazing part about these plates, once you have completed your meal, the host can dig a hole in the flowerbed and basically "dispose" or I should say place in a hole in a garden filled with earth, water it and the plates will biodegrade and sunflower seed in these plates will start to germinate and you may have lovely sunflowers in a years' time!
These plates are not only biodegradable, they are stylish, practically designed with thoughts for easy use and hold. "Check out the curves of the plate". It is designed to hold a wine glass and amazingly you can grow a garden of sunflowers with it! The amazing things that ecoproducts can provide for us isn't it!

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