Tuesday, September 1, 2009

EcoProducts- Eco Dog Bed

EcoProducts are also available for our pets at home. For example, dog lovers will be happy to know that your best friend can also do its part to be eco friendly. There are now many different eco friendly dog products but I feel that an Eco Dog Bed is rather interesting. Especially if this Eco Dog Bed is able to provide dog owners the convenient yet at the same time comfortable as well.

We all know that our dogs can easily dirty their beds and most of time, its hard to wash and usually owners have to discard them and replace with new beds.
Yes, there is this interesting eco dog bed called Big Shrimpy Dog Nest Bed. This eco dog bed comes with an outer layer which is made of soft polyester fleece or faux suede and has a removable center pillow.

In fact this eco dog bed can be unzipped and you can find that the inner bolster and cushion are filled with SmartFill™, which is 100% recycled fiber. The inner bolster and cushion are both odor- and water-resistant, in fact it can even be unzipped, removed and you can even wash the SmartFill. The outer covers and inner bolster/cushion are washable as well.

This makes the eco dog bed not only very convenient to use, it can actually extend the life of the bed as well. Therefore, this allows the pet owner to simply replace the outer covers when needed instead of discarding the entire bed.

Big Shrimpy Nest Bed

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