Thursday, November 19, 2009

EcoProducts - An example of EcoProduct

I found this really interesting video clip featuring 2 very interesting EcoProducts!In an exhibition in Japan, there have been showcase of some very innovative EcoPoducts that you can use around the home. They are not only easy to use, they might even help you save some money, too.

One of the EcoProducts from this particular EcoProducts exhibition is the Eco Newspaper Brick Maker. This all-metal case is simply amazing. It can help you use the old newspapers that we often do not know what to do with them to make solid papier-mâché-like bricks that can be used as firewood. This eco device uses only water and recycled newspaper, and can make a cheap substitute to firewood. The amazing thing is that it is simply easy to use and this firewood substitue is also easy to store! Basically, all you need to do is to soak the newspaper in water to make pulp. Put the pulp in the eco newspaper brick maker, compress it tightly, then take out the brick. Just dry the compressed newspaper brick, it is usually dried in about 7-10 days and there you go, you have your newspaper fuel brick. I have below a video showing how this Eco Newspaper Brick Maker actually works!

Another highlight in this EcoProduct exhibition is the water saving toilet flapper. Older toilet flappers only close after all the water is flushed however this innovative flapper releases air bubbles which actually also allows water to flow into the bowl faster. After the air is released, the flapper closes immediately. This eco-flapper in fact helps to save alot of water during every flush. These two EcoProducts are indeed very eco friendly, practical and so easy to use. Everyone and anyone can use it so easily and play a part to be eco friendly!!      

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