Wednesday, March 10, 2010

EcoProducts - Prepeat (Inkless, Toneless Printer!)

This is a very amazing ecoproduct that caught my eye while I was surfing the net. This new technologically advanced ecoproduct may help us not only save trees, it helps companies cut down in terms of cost as well. PrePeat is an eco friendly printer to which differs from the normal printer that prints on copy paper like a laser printer and an inkjet printer, etc. This ecoproduct is really amazing, imagine a printer without using ink and on rewriteable "Paper"!

This eco printer will never run up the expense of the articles of consumption by never using all toners like the laser printer, cartridges of drum, and the ink cartridges like an inkjet printer. In fact, the Prepeat which is the new eco printer does the print and the deletion by using heat is a very economical printer. In fact, it can help offices on cutting down the time of the stock control too. Using this eco friendly printer also creates a more hygiene environment be it at home or in the office as this amazing Prepeat eco friendly printer does not use any toner that scatters from the use of neither the toner nor ink and overflows ink.

The other amazing feature about this eco friendly printer is that it can print on these amazing rewritable sheets repeatedly, the number of times of rewriting amounts to about 1000 times per sheet. The consumption for 1000 sheets of copy papers can be held down with one rewritable sheet.

Imagine having this Ecoproduct-Prepeat, you can reduce alot of your running costs from toner to ink to the paper which you need to print on. While reducing your cost, you are also doing your bit to be eco friendly as you are reducing the use of paper at the same time. This ecoproduct is indeed a great find and I really look forward to see more of the Prepeat being marketed around the world.

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