Tuesday, May 18, 2010

EcoProducts- Eco Living

Instead of talking about a particular Ecoproduct, I decided to showcase a really amazing eco living design. Constraint with a small living space, people especially in some Asia cities face space constraints and these days, more and more innovations emerge to help face limitations.

This eco living is something chanced upon on Youtube, where a guy named a “Domestic Transformer”, located in the heart of Hong Kong amazing designed his living space of just 344 sq foot to a 24 room house.

I am really impressed with how much he actually put together into his tight space yet the designs are all very tastefully done in a really chic way. I would think that his designs may inspire many others to come up with many other ways to combat the small living space we have in some parts of the world. Eco living makes us think about what we have may only have but to try to live within all the boundaries and create a living space which will be more environmentally efficient.

Eco Living: Domestic Transformer

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