Monday, May 17, 2010

EcoProducts- Solar Water Purifier

This is another solar Ecoproduct which I chance upon while surfing the net today. This ecoproduct, a solar water purifier called Floatron (Floatron Natural Pool Cleaner Algae-free No chemicals)which is portable and floats in the water. This eco water purifier, Floatron combines solar electric power generation with ionization. In fact this eco water purifier is suitable for use in swimming pools, ponds, spas, hot tubs and water features. This is indeed good news for many of us who may be too busy to have the time to really have the proper maintenance done for our pools, ponds etc.

How is eco water purifier works is that it introduces atomic amounts of specific minerals into water, microorganisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive. These ions, or atoms, are completely safe and nontoxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot exist under their influence. In fact, this eco productis not like the usual chlorine that we see in swimming pools because unlike chlorine, which loses potency after only hours, the mineral ions produced by the Floatron remain effective for weeks.

The solar water purifier converts sunlight into electricity by the advanced solar panel. The harmless, low power current energizes a specially alloyed mineral electrode below waterline, causing the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water. Ionized water, referred to as mineralized water, naturally and efficiently controls microorganism growth in your pool.

Swimming in your pool even with when this solar water purifier, Floatron is still in the water is perfectly normal, and eliminates the irritations, odours, and bleaching associated with chlorine. This is quite a useful innovation with more concentration for a green environment, this eco product enables us to contribute and do our part to reduce using electricity, harmful chemical yet enable us to continue our daily lives. Kudos to the founders of this eco product, Floatron!!

Floatron Natural Pool Cleaner Algae-free No chemicals

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