Sunday, September 5, 2010

EcoProducts-Eco Beer Mug

Its been a while since I blog but I have been keeping an eye on interesting ecoproducts and I am very into this amazing ecoproduct that I was given as a gift recently!! This is what I will call it as an eco beer cup and this is no ordinary cup its a great gift for anyone who loves beer and must love draught beer.

This ecoproduct- eco beer cup is no ordinary cup. It is in fact a Stainless Steel casting mug, made by Migaki in Tsubame City, Niigata Prefecture , to produce a creamy foam when beer is poured into it. The reason why it can achieve the result of creamy foam and giving you the taste of draught beer is because of the iPod polishing technology which is being applied to polish this eco beer cup.

Glass for drinking beer does not produce the wonderful foam like a Draught beer. Plastic cups would compromise the taste of beer. For metal cup, you can smell the metal. The inside portion of this Eco Beer Cup has gone through special casting and polishing to produce the creamy foam stand and extract out the taste of the original beer. This works even for low-malt beer.
This "ECO beer cup" is produce amid growing calls for environmental protection. Instead of throwing a paper/plastic cup away after beer, using this ecoproduct-eco beer cup, you can play a part in conservation of the earth.
I have one of this eco beer cup and personally tested it with canned beer and it is no trick, it is indeed really very good. The foam is creamy and thick and the taste of beer is richer like draught. Now I can also enjoy my beer anywhere and this is in fact a great gift for all of us who supports quality eco products and quality beer.


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