Friday, May 13, 2011

Dog Feeding Bowls

This eco product is really interesting and it is made of recyclable polypropylene plastic. It is a dog feeding bowl which a function which is really useful to us as long as I can reduce the mess I usually get from my beloved dog. This elevated dog feeding bowl is really chic and stylish as well and it is in fact common called the Neater Feeder.

This neater feeder elevated dog feeding bowl has an interesting system where it can hold spilled food in an upper reservoir while spilled water flows down a gentle slope through a patent-pending filtering system. The spilled water drains into a lower reservoir that can safely contain more than an entire bowl of spilled water, keeping it off the floor until you are ready to dispose of it. Keeping the spilled food in the upper reservoir, off the floor, not only saves you work, but also keeps it clean for reuse.

This is an award winning elevated dog feeding bowl aka Neater Feeder and in fact is something which I find really useful. Kudus to our wonderful inventors of this truly useful product.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stackable Storage Cubes

Stackable Storage Cubes is something that i have read up recently on a site selling modular storage cubes. How does a concept of storage cubes helps in the environment and classified as my list of eco friendly products?

Material of Stackable Storage Cubes
First of all, the Stackable storage cubes comes in a wide range of colors and is made of wood. Wood is a biodegradable material. When disposed off, it will decompose and return to nature.
Material selection is important because a eco friendly product will need to take care of the extract of the material, manufacturing, disposal and end of line of the product.
The extract and disposal of wood is pretty much natural except the fuel used to power all these process. However this can be taken in when companies have to help regrow these plants to replenish the lost trees.

Recycle and Reuse
Secondly the stackable storage cubes is a very reusable and flexible storage idea. The usual furniture is we used to do carpentry and buy off the shelf to bring to our homes for storage. These kind of shelf storage is very hard to dismantle and assemble to form new designs or to use the furniture. Whenever you need changes in the office or home storage requirements, the old cupboards or shelves are likely to be disposed and replaced by new cupboards and shelves. Replacement of items means another item is being extracted from nature and energy used to produce it. This will add harm to the environment.

Furthermore, there is a need to dispose it and depending on the material used, it maybe harmful to us and environment. Stackable storage cubes can provide a flexible option for you to redesign and stack storage cubes for you own preference. In this way, by stacking storage cubes, you get to reuse the existing cubes and save money on getting new furniture. Due to cube design, it is modular and can mix and stack accordingly without much fixing. Just remove the storage cubes and stack it up with the rest.

Installation of Storage Cubes
Lastly there is minimum need to assembly. Traditional furniture will require many drilling holes, screws to hold the parts together and that involve quite a number of people. For stacking storage cubes, no screws and no drilling is need. Easy stacking of the cubes can be done easily. Even a small kid can help you in moving the cubes.

Storage Cubes for Kids

Stacking cubes as storage is a way to help the environment. If you do not like the color, just bring it out for a nice even paint and you got a new concept for your home decoration. It also gives a zen feeling if left unpainted.

I think its also a great idea for kids to paint their own storage cubes and have their ownership. Since it is cheap, it will not be pain if your kids vandalize the cubes and damage it. There are also stacking storage cubes specially done for kids and you may find out more and buy it online here. >>Stackable Storage Cubes for Kids<<

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EcoProducts-Smog Eating Tile

Smog Eating Tile
If there are any eco friendly products that can help to remove the smog produced by the billions of vehicles in the world, it has to be our tress. In our many cities, most of the land are been occupied by buildings and you can see millions of buildings all over the places. If only these buildings are tress that can help to remove the smog, it will be great. This product BoralPure is a unique material made onto the concrete roofing tiles and it is able to reduce the formation of smog. It might not be the best method in reduction of air pollution, but definitely helps in contributing in better quality of air for our breathing in cities. Better air quality means less contribution to diseases and deaths due to air pollutions.
Smog Converter Method
How does this works? The roof tiles are coated with a catalyst Titanium Dioxide. This catalyst when exposed to the sunlight, it can speed up oxidization of harmful NOx (smog produced by our vehicles) and convert them into Calcium Nitrates. Calcium Nitrates are settled on the roof waiting for the rain to wash it off.
Many major cities are experiencing hazy weather due to the heavy industries and lots of vehicles in the traffic jams. The haze can be sometimes be very obvious to the eyes in cities like Hong Kong and Beijing. These haze have immediate effects like coughing and difficulties in breathing. Longer terms effect can be Asthma, lung infection or even hear diseases. If most of the buildings are coated with this catalyst, we will be able to experience better quality of the air thus prolong our lives too. React now and get your home coated with this great product.

EcoProducts-Dual Flush Toilet

Dual Flush Toilet
We should promote eco friendly products in our daily lives. Our daily practices plays an important part in promoting eco friendliness and help to save our earth. A dual flush toilet is a great eco friendly product that can help to save lots of water.

Water Usage Reduction
This design give you the option of full flushing of water and half flushing of water. Most of the time, when we just urine instead of moving our bowels, we just need sufficient water to flush down the water. The half flush button will use half the water and a water saving method to flush the urine down. When we moves our bowel and need more water, that is when you use the full flush. In the new dual flush toilet, the new method of flushing is more efficient and also use less water in flushing off the waste. In both methods of flushing, it will save the water. This design has proven to save 67% of water usage in typical homes. Imagine how much water we can save? Most of the water processed for usage is for homes. If we can help to reduce this water usage, there will be a reduction of energy and material required to process wasted water, lesser catchment area will be required; resulting in more land for other developments. The only cons is the slightly higher cost in producing the dual flush toilet due to the extra parts. But considering the water savings and energy savings in the long run, this is great way that we can start in our homes to save our earth.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

EcoProducts-Corn Utensil 2

Corn utensils are not 100% better than plastics utensils. Corn utensils are not reusable like plastics. It will need to be disposable after use. It is not really perfect in the decomposition of the corn utensils. Commercial Composters use microbes to decompose this organic material. The method of this composter can cause problems because it breaks down into lactic acid which is wetter and more acidic. In order to further break down, it will require more oxygen for the microbes to consume. Commercial Facilities would have trouble providing enough oxygen. Since this corn is not consumed, the growing of this corn is usually made from genetically modified corn and not organic. This will raise the concern of genetic modification issue.

Who and where is the supply of corn. Beside food supply, corn is used for an alternative source of fuel. By using corn for utensils and other replacement of plastics, the corn food supply will be diverted. A careful planning and production of the porn will need a progressive pipeline to minimize price impact and jobs.

Lastly is the demand of corn utensils. As there is little economy of scale as compared to plastic utensils, the price of corn utensils are generally higher to produce than plastic utensils. Comparing a corn utensil and a plastic utensil in a supermarket, the consumer will see that plastic utensils are cheaper and traditionally usable, thus reliable. Typical consumers will not know the importance of saving the world as compared to the dollars and cents to pay. In order for this to work, the world consumers need to be educated about ecoproducts and the impact. The government needs to step in to enforce with laws and funding to promote this industry to realize. New technology and manufacturing method will help to reduce the cost as well as usability of this material in other areas.

Let’s spread more good news about such eco friendly products around the world. It starts with you at this moment you are reading this article. Share with your peers and support eco friendly products to save our world and for our future generations to go.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

EcoProducts-Corn Utensil

Corn utensil is a good eco friendly product as an alternative to plastic utensils. Just the word corn and plastic itself makes a difference in the environment. Utensil such as cup and spoon is a small and thin molded product. This little utensil is used everyday by mass consumers global. As this product is cheap for the consumer, plastic utensils are sold in huge quantities. Furthermore this is usually a disposable product due to hygiene reason. As a result, tons of plastic utensils are dump everyday. I use the word tons on a very light product. Imagine how many millions or countless of light weight plastic utensils are throw everyday. It will equate to a lot of burning of these waste plastic and cause pollution to your environment. 

Let’s hope the world is not too late to realize this grave mistake that we have been doing these many years of earth damage. Corn material comes from corn starch and this is a bio-material which is renewable. Bury it in the earth and it decomposes back to carbon dioxide and water. This same material will be taking in by corn plants and reproduce into corn utensils again. This process may take about 1 year. For plastic utensils to be buried to the soil, the decomposition process could take almost forever. Being unable to “disappear” it means more landfill space. Land space means space of development. Often in real world, the waste is disposed in third world countries from developed countries. In third world countries, disposal of waste is not controlled and often ends up in human populated areas or in the nature world. This uncontrolled method of disposal will created a worst pollution scenario. Soil and water will be poisoned. People and animals will drink from this water source and get poisoned. Crop and farms will also get poisoned. Where the world food does comes from? The world will be eating the poisoned food. This is a vicious cycle.

If disposed into incinerator, it does not produce toxic fumes when burnt. When served with food or drinks, plastic utensils might leech the serving but for corn utensils, there is no chemical leech. Naturally corn does not withstand heat, good to say technology has advanced and improve heat resistant of the corn utensils up to 120F.