Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EcoProducts-Dual Flush Toilet

Dual Flush Toilet
We should promote eco friendly products in our daily lives. Our daily practices plays an important part in promoting eco friendliness and help to save our earth. A dual flush toilet is a great eco friendly product that can help to save lots of water.

Water Usage Reduction
This design give you the option of full flushing of water and half flushing of water. Most of the time, when we just urine instead of moving our bowels, we just need sufficient water to flush down the water. The half flush button will use half the water and a water saving method to flush the urine down. When we moves our bowel and need more water, that is when you use the full flush. In the new dual flush toilet, the new method of flushing is more efficient and also use less water in flushing off the waste. In both methods of flushing, it will save the water. This design has proven to save 67% of water usage in typical homes. Imagine how much water we can save? Most of the water processed for usage is for homes. If we can help to reduce this water usage, there will be a reduction of energy and material required to process wasted water, lesser catchment area will be required; resulting in more land for other developments. The only cons is the slightly higher cost in producing the dual flush toilet due to the extra parts. But considering the water savings and energy savings in the long run, this is great way that we can start in our homes to save our earth.

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