Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EcoProducts-Smog Eating Tile

Smog Eating Tile
If there are any eco friendly products that can help to remove the smog produced by the billions of vehicles in the world, it has to be our tress. In our many cities, most of the land are been occupied by buildings and you can see millions of buildings all over the places. If only these buildings are tress that can help to remove the smog, it will be great. This product BoralPure is a unique material made onto the concrete roofing tiles and it is able to reduce the formation of smog. It might not be the best method in reduction of air pollution, but definitely helps in contributing in better quality of air for our breathing in cities. Better air quality means less contribution to diseases and deaths due to air pollutions.
Smog Converter Method
How does this works? The roof tiles are coated with a catalyst Titanium Dioxide. This catalyst when exposed to the sunlight, it can speed up oxidization of harmful NOx (smog produced by our vehicles) and convert them into Calcium Nitrates. Calcium Nitrates are settled on the roof waiting for the rain to wash it off.
Many major cities are experiencing hazy weather due to the heavy industries and lots of vehicles in the traffic jams. The haze can be sometimes be very obvious to the eyes in cities like Hong Kong and Beijing. These haze have immediate effects like coughing and difficulties in breathing. Longer terms effect can be Asthma, lung infection or even hear diseases. If most of the buildings are coated with this catalyst, we will be able to experience better quality of the air thus prolong our lives too. React now and get your home coated with this great product.

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