Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Stackable Storage Cubes

Stackable Storage Cubes is something that i have read up recently on a site selling modular storage cubes. How does a concept of storage cubes helps in the environment and classified as my list of eco friendly products?

Material of Stackable Storage Cubes
First of all, the Stackable storage cubes comes in a wide range of colors and is made of wood. Wood is a biodegradable material. When disposed off, it will decompose and return to nature.
Material selection is important because a eco friendly product will need to take care of the extract of the material, manufacturing, disposal and end of line of the product.
The extract and disposal of wood is pretty much natural except the fuel used to power all these process. However this can be taken in when companies have to help regrow these plants to replenish the lost trees.

Recycle and Reuse
Secondly the stackable storage cubes is a very reusable and flexible storage idea. The usual furniture is we used to do carpentry and buy off the shelf to bring to our homes for storage. These kind of shelf storage is very hard to dismantle and assemble to form new designs or to use the furniture. Whenever you need changes in the office or home storage requirements, the old cupboards or shelves are likely to be disposed and replaced by new cupboards and shelves. Replacement of items means another item is being extracted from nature and energy used to produce it. This will add harm to the environment.

Furthermore, there is a need to dispose it and depending on the material used, it maybe harmful to us and environment. Stackable storage cubes can provide a flexible option for you to redesign and stack storage cubes for you own preference. In this way, by stacking storage cubes, you get to reuse the existing cubes and save money on getting new furniture. Due to cube design, it is modular and can mix and stack accordingly without much fixing. Just remove the storage cubes and stack it up with the rest.

Installation of Storage Cubes
Lastly there is minimum need to assembly. Traditional furniture will require many drilling holes, screws to hold the parts together and that involve quite a number of people. For stacking storage cubes, no screws and no drilling is need. Easy stacking of the cubes can be done easily. Even a small kid can help you in moving the cubes.

Storage Cubes for Kids

Stacking cubes as storage is a way to help the environment. If you do not like the color, just bring it out for a nice even paint and you got a new concept for your home decoration. It also gives a zen feeling if left unpainted.

I think its also a great idea for kids to paint their own storage cubes and have their ownership. Since it is cheap, it will not be pain if your kids vandalize the cubes and damage it. There are also stacking storage cubes specially done for kids and you may find out more and buy it online here. >>Stackable Storage Cubes for Kids<<

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